// Smartphone-Mediated

Neurobehavioral Testing

To help diagnose and monitor neurological varieties, such as schizophrenia, autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and Fragile-X syndrome using advanced facial recognition and AI techniques.

// Princeton University & Erasmus University Medical Center
Evaluate brain functioning with a smartphone
Cost-effective method for remote testing
Funded by Princeton IP Accelerator Fund

“This app is easy to operate, substantially reduces the costs of studies, and produces reliable and reproducible results.” – Sam Wang

// Screen. Diagnose. Measure.


  • Tool for diagnosing or screening neuro-psychiatric disorders, including autism and schizophrenia.
  • Therapy evaluation for neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Research tool in neuroscience and psychology to study fundamental mechanisms underlying learning and memory formation.
  • An educational tool for anyone who would like to learn more about the functioning of their own brains.